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Hassle Free - Cancellation Policy

 Due to Covid-19, we have updated our cancellation policies. - Cancellation policies are as follows .


Direct and Online Bookings:


All deposits will remain in effect until redeemed, must cancel 72 hours prior to departure date to extend activation of deposits and vouchers. Balance due at original reserved boarding times. Booking with a deposit only allows you different options of payment ( collecting bonus reward points, travel reward, etc)  during check in.

There are no refunds on bookings, only vouchers. You will have 72 hours to cancel your charter before boarding date to receive a voucher good for 1 year (some extended exceptions may apply). If cancelled inside the 72 hours, you will be issued a 1 year voucher and a $75 rebooking fee will be applied on your next reservation, not pp. 

No Shows will not receive a voucher. 

If WE cancel the charter based on, in climate weather, mechanical issues, or unsafe conditions, your deposit and voucher will remain active until redeemed  ( with no expiration date) . The benefit of this policy will lock you and your group into the current value of your reservation without increase of prices.

Thank you, and we look forward to meeting you and your families.

- Captain Parker

Peace Of Mind 

  As we all know, coronavirus information and updates are changing rapidly. Especially with large crowds. We are small groups, and a LOW-RISK environment not like theme parks or major sporting event. We have always specialised in groups of 6 or less.  As always we have cleaned and disinfected our equipment before each use. This is an industry standard and will always be enforced by our staff.  Please know that we are monitoring the situation and will follow the lead of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and local authorities as far as limiting the spread of the virus. All tours are running on time and we our receiving more bookings because of our small group settings. 

  "We are encouraging you and our guides to stay home if sick and to practice good respiratory etiquette and hand washing". 

  Small businesses, particularly those in tourism and hospitality,  cannot thank you enough for your continued business. Each Snorkeling with Manatee Tours ticket you purchase ensures multiple payments to each of our 8 Captains and Crew and supports the small but mighty team here at Snorkeling with Manatee tours. We are proud to be a part of the vibrant Citrus County Florida community we all love.

-Captain Parker

HURRICANE "Ian" UPDATE 10/01/2022

While the area of Fort Myers Florida was directly hit by hurricane "Ian" Citrus county and other parts of Florida's tourism was not affected. Continue to help support the tourism in Florida so that we can help assist those that are in need of the aftermath of hurricane "Ian" Our crew and the manatees thank you.