We are proud to announce that we host two (2) different Rivers and Springs, to better guarantee you the best Manatee Encounter

The " Florida Homosassa Springs" Manatee Encounter is the most sought after tour in the world of wildlife.   For just $70  per person including all snorkeling gear and wet suits., the Homosassa River offers a secluded manatee tour. Click HERE to book your Homosassa Manatee tour. 

 Fewer people, fewer boats and shallow water means a great tour with an up-close encounter. You need to try this tour. We promise OUR encounters to be the best.

The Homosassa River is very shallow and good for those of all ages.  After your tour you can experience the Homosassa Wildlife Park

or a crazy Air-Boat Ride, just a few minutes from your manatee encounter.     

Remember we can only take 6 passengers per boat, so advanced reservations is highly recommended. We have 10 boats in our fleet, so larger groups are welcome. Shared Boats: 5 or less passengers, Captain may add others to fill your vessel. Maybe consider the Private 3 hour or Private 4 hour  

Private boats are great if you want just you and your family onboard. ( 1 to 6 passengers allowed in private)


VIP Marvelous Manatee Tour $70 Per person "HOMOSASSA LOCATION" 

Frequency: Daily with Reservations. Less People and a bit more time on the water. Click Above ⬆️ Link

Check-in Times are - Same as tour times, maybe a few minutes early for a potty break. Never more than 6 passengers per boat, have more in your group. Call for details.


 Homosassa Boarding times  7:00 AM, 10 AM and 1:00 PM 

Return Times: Approx: 3 hours from the boarding times

Additional Equipment Included: Mask,Snorkel and full length 3MM Wetsuit Available on Site

Prerequisite for Participation: None: Boat Riders Welcome


Private Manatee Tour

     Come join us for your very own "Private Manatee Tour" on the wonderful Homosassa River. Our Private Manatee tour is set to your family's schedule including lunch dockside with your Captain on us.   The price is $899.00 up to six passengers on one boat. If you have more than six passengers, call us for more details.

Private Manatee Tour 1 - 6 passengers $899 

Private Tour Boarding Times, 8:00 AM Swim boardingCaptain may assigne-BOOK


Frequency: Daily with Reservations Check-in Times:8:00 am

Return Times: Approx: 3:00 - 3:30 pm

Additional Equipment: Bathing Suits: Everything else is included. Wet suits, Mask and Snorkel, Drinks, Snacks and Dockside  Lunch with your Captain


Prerequisite: None: Boat Riders Welcome


Crystal River Refuge Manatee Snorkel 

The Crystal Manatee Snorkel is the most well known manatee encounter in the world. $70 per person including all snorkeling equipment and wet suits.  People from all over the world come to the Crystal River Refuge to experience this wonderful manatee encounter. However, we would suggest the VIP Homosassa Tour, less people from the Crystal River Tour during the migration months November - April.   

 From visiting the largest manatee sanctuary in the world, "King Springs" to having Three Sisters Springs included, this tour has so much to offer.  

We include all of the snorkeling equipment and tour for each person that is necessary for the encounter. In the peak season, the winter months, Crystal River has upwards of 400 manatees. Our trained staff/captains will educate you on the proper interaction and show you a wonderful time with a prehistoric mammal. Our captains/guides get in the water with you to ensure safety and the well being of your encounter. This encounter can be for those who choose to be manatee watchers or swimmers. You will not be disappointed...

Snorkeling and Swim Boarding Times 6AM, 8AM, 10AM, 12PM, 2PM Daily with Reservations

Frequency: Daily with reservations


Check in Times: 6AM, 8AM, 10AM, 12PM, 2PM"Landing 2-C"

Return Times: Approx: 3 hours from boarding times

 Equipment included: Rental Included: Mask, Snorkel and 3 MM Wet suit, Full Length included and available on site


 Prerequisite for ParticipationNone: Boat riders welcome 

Shared Boats: 5 or less passengers, Captain may add others to fill your vessel, small groups. Maybe consider the Private 3 hour or Private 4 hour  Private boats are great if you want just you and your family onboard. ( 1 to 6 passengers allowed in private) Capt may assign location for a better experience